Five Year Plan


GOAL 1: To provide library services and materials that meet the needs and reflect the interests of the community and the surrounding area that we serve.

Objective 1:  Provide circulation services for patrons

  1. Check-in and check-out of materials
  2. Timely re-shelving of items returned
  3. Inter-library loan services at no cost to patrons
  4. Timely cataloging and shelving of new materials
  5. Notification of overdue items
  6. Reserves on books

Objective 2:  Provide reference information and services

  1. Support for growth of interest in genealogy
  2. Access to reference: books and on-line
  3. Reference area with space to work and comfortable reading chairs
  4. Make available reference data from the internet and databases from Texas State Library for research

Objective 3:   Select materials to support the library’s mission

  1. Choose materials that reflect the needs and interests of the community in the various collection

development categories

  1. Develop strategies to increase input from community on collection development

Objective 4:  Provide Children’s and Young Adult services

  1. Provide a safe and attractive area to display the materials for children and young adults
  2. Maintain the close on-going relationship with the Medina public school system
  3. Develop and expand children’s programs including pre-school reading, summer

programs, after school programs and special events

4. Provide appropriate new materials with guidance from school librarian and other

persons qualified in childhood education

5. Provide programs for young adults to assist them in learning to handle financial

matters and to help them get ready for college, the military or the job market

6. Provide assistance for children doing reports or school work

Objective 5:  Assist patrons with special needs

  1. Make available large print and audio books for sight impaired patrons
  2. Wheelchair access to the computer tables, circulation desk and library tables
  3. Access to ordering from Talking Books in Austin

Objective 6:  Ensure that computer resources and other technology are adequate to serve the needs of library patrons

  1. Provide internet access, databases, on-line catalog, on-line interlibrary loan capability, library web site and access to other electronic media to find necessary information for patrons
  2. Assure that staff has training to understand and use software and ability to make simple corrections as needed
  3. Upgrade public computers as necessary
  4. Provide a copier and fax machine for public access
  5. Provide adequate computer hardware to handle circulation, cataloging, record keeping and other activities connected with the library
  6. Train staff to use circulation, record keeping and cataloging programs
  7. Update computer needs list annually for inclusion in annual budget
  8. Pursue avenues of gaining new technology and equipment

GOAL 2:  To continue impacting the community as a cultural and learning center while serving as the community hub.

Objective 1:  Provide meeting space for community groups

Objective 2:  Serve as the local information center

  1. Maintain a community calendar of local and area events in a prominent place in the library
  2. Develop a local information brochure for newcomers and visitors
  3. Hold newcomer open houses in the meeting room on a regular schedule
  4. Develop programs relating to the history and heritage of the area
  5. Make use of meeting room for art exhibits and shows

Objective 3:  Provide programs for adult learning

  1. Continue to offer ESL program
  2. Develop new adult learning programs

Objective 4:  Ensure that the community is aware of the library’s services, special programs, classes, and events

  1. Prepare online newsletter and distribute to patrons
  2. Ensure library activities are adequately publicized in local newspapers
  3. Notify patrons of special events, classes and programs
  4. Market library materials to the public through newsletter, book reviews
  5. Conduct a patron survey once every three years

GOAL 3:  To ensure that physical facilities and equipment are adequate and well maintained in order to provide a comfortable, safe attractive and accessible environment for patrons and staff.

Objective 1:  Provide for maintenance of the building, equipment, furnishings, and the grounds on a regular basis

  1. Schedule annual inspections for fire equipment, security system, air conditioners
  2. Prioritize needed improvements and modification in order to complete them in a timely fashion as financial resources allow
  3. Provide adequate staff to keep building and grounds clean and well maintained
  4. Maintain computer equipment and develop computer needs list for budgeting

Objective 2:  Maintain building security

  1. Contract with private electronic security  company
  2. Maintain dialogue with local county law enforcement officials to assure a safe environment for patrons
  3. Review insurance needs and make sure library policies are adequate
  4. Develop emergency manual and disaster plan

Objective 3:  Plan for future growth and development of the library as community needs grow.

  1. Research ways to provide  adequate and safe parking for patrons and guests.
  3. Continue with the practice of  rainwater collection, using recyclable materials, and

using solar energy

GOAL 4:  To provide adequate staffing for the library in order to meet or exceed the Personnel Standards of the Texas Library Association.

Objective 1:  Hire additional staff in order to have at least 2 staff/volunteers in the library during open hours

  1. Develop a strategy to conduct a search for new staff
  2. Assess the needs of the library in determining what the positions should be
  3. Plan for transition to professional management of the library
  4. Determine the role of volunteers in staffing the library

Objective 2:  Develop procedures for reviewing and evaluating staff in a professional manner

  1. Conduct employee evaluations at least annually with each staff member to evaluate job performance according to the personnel manual and job description
  2. Review Personnel Manual annually and revise as needed
  3. Review job descriptions and duties and revise as needed
  4. Review wages and salaries annually

Objective 3:  Recruit and train additional volunteers to provide manpower for the library

GOAL 5:  To ensure the Board of Directors of the library is prepared to lead the library into the future

Objective 1:  Recruit and train board members with the skills needed to provide leadership for the library

Objective 2:  Develop board activities to involve and educate board members with the processes and procedures of the library

  1. Review policies and procedures already in place.
  2. Establish new policies as needed.
  3. Review Organizational Chart and make revisions as needed
  4. Develop functioning committees
  5. Oversee all grant requests and reports
  6. Provide to board members a planning calendar with all pertinent information
  7. Make sure library is adequately staffed
  8. Develop untapped resources in the community
  9. Provide accurate and understandable financial reports
  10. See that an independent audit is conducted every three years

Goal 6: In order to support all other goals, secure sufficient funding to enable the library to carry out its mission now and into the future.

Objective 1:  Maintain good relationship with the Federated library system and the Bandera County officials

  1. Develop and provide all financial information in a complete and timely manner
  2. Be available to meet with  county officials as requested and with the Federated group as needed
  3. Be prepared to support requests for funding increases as expenses and library usage increase

Objective 2:  Secure other areas of funding in order to help the library become more self-sufficient

  1. Be aware of funding opportunities from foundations that are appropriate to the needs of our library
  2. Write grant requests to fund special programs, capital improvement or equipment needs
  3. Continue and expand the Annual Sustaining Fund Drive
  4. Monitor the library’s investment portfolio with the goal of maximizing our returns
  5. Encourage donations to the Endowment Fund  for future independence
  6. Hold book sales to raise funds and dispose of library materials that are duplications or not appropriate for our collection

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